Progressive jackpot games

Progressive jackpot games generate most of the most massive winnings in online casinos. In addition to the usual fixed winnings and paylines, there are pots in jackpot games that can be worth up to several million euros. Jackpots increase progressively with each coin wagered on the game.

There are already several progressive games on offer, but many hold their own year after year. Jackpot slots work just like any other slot game, meaning the player chooses the size of the bet and, depending on the game, even the number of paylines. In some games, the size of the bet does not matter in terms of winning, but usually the biggest pot can only be won by playing with the maximum bet. If there are many pots of different sizes in the game, smaller pots can usually be grabbed with a smaller bet as well. However, this is always game-specific, so you should always check the rules of the game.The main pot is won in slightly different ways depending on the game. Sometimes, for example, five specific symbols on the payline are required to grab the pot, sometimes jackpots are grabbed from a separate bonus game.

Various progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are available today in many games, and not all pots are the same for their tism. The best known are large jackpot games where the same jackpot can be pursued at several different casinos. However, depending on the game, there may also be a local or shared jackpot.

Local jackpot

A local jackpot refers to a pot that can only be won at a particular casino. In other words, only players from one casino increase the pot and only customers of the same casino can win that jackpot.Such pots often do not grow significantly large, but there is usually a better chance of winning them. However, only players from the same casino fight the pot, not all casino counterparts around the world.

Extensive jackpot

An extensive progressive jackpot is formed when several different online casinos join forces and together increase the same jackpot. In this case, the pots can become almost incomprehensibly large, and record wins have been made specifically from these games. Extensive jackpot games are also the best known and most played of all progressive games.So the same game can be played at several different casinos, and the pot grows at the same rate regardless of the venue. Usually, casinos pay all the winnings grabbed by the players themselves, but in the case of large jackpots, the payout is usually paid by the game manufacturer. The game manufacturer is usually also responsible for collecting the shares that go into the pot so that it can later hand over the pot to the winner.

Shared jackpot

Sometimes casinos can run into shared jackpots, with the same amount of winnings being offered in multiple games. Usually, playing all of those games also increases the pot, so there are plenty of chances to win and the pot can grow in size pretty quickly.Shared pots are usually casino-specific, ie local, but there may be exceptions. The pot can also be split between slots in the same game series.